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Our Affiliations


  • Hindi Week (22-Sep-2013)

    Good will Message

    Om Sri Sai Ram

    I offer my humble and loving pranam a the Lotus Feet of our Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba.I am pleased to note that Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketan is celebrating the ‘Hindi Week’ for the last few sessions and has taken a significant initiative to compile a compendium of the student’s poems presented during the ‘Hindi Week’. The compilation of the poems is a step in right direction to encourage the student’s to exhibit creative and imaginative skill and ability to express their feeling in words. Through poem poet expresses his/her feeling on issues related to nature, cultural, heritage, hopes, aspiration, fear and joy. The art of expressing inner feelings in the form of a poem is a good example of harmony of head, heart and hand that is between the thought, word and deed. The signals received through our six senses to the mind (Head) create images and feeling turning into thoughts flowing to the heart to be expressed as a piece of art work to be expressed in words for transfer on a paper by the hands.

    The compendium of the students poems is a good indication that the future of the Hindi language is good hands of up coming young generation the students some of whom may choose to become either full time novelists, poets and critics or may join either professions and use their leisure time to write novels, poems, stories depending upon their life experiences.

    The Hindi language has recognisation as the national language (Rastra Bhasa) however it is being getting a treatment of step daughter from the central and the state government as well as leaders at the central and the state government levels. This is evident from the fact that at the international forums and meetings India’s communications are presented in the English language although it not the national language. The two words ‘English and India’ are ever lasting symbol of British rule in our country. Sooner they are replaced respectively with ‘Hindi and Bharat’ as proud symbol of our nation liked with culture and history thereby to remove the last legacy of the British Rule from the mental fabric of our people.

    As of today many states in the country are reluctant to accept Hindi as the national language for fear of loosing identify of their mother tongue as well as of the state. The other reason being the lock of foresight on the part of experts committee popularizing Hindi as the national language. The committee’s inability to co opt simple and popular words of other state languages of not Hindi speaking states thereby giving impression of foreign acceptance of Hindi as the national language on them. After sixty six years of independence, the Hindi as the national language of our country has become complex like so many other issues in the country. It is a poor repletion on the commitment to Hindi as the national language on the part of the central government and the state governments and the key issue of the country national identity.  The national identity of a country is usually linked with national language of that country.

    Finally I wish to convey my heartiest congratulations to all those staff members, the students, visitors and especially the Principal of our school for their untiring efforts in organizing the ‘Hindi Week’ successfully. The editorial committee of the compendium of poems also deserves special congratulation for their hard work.

    Sai Ram

    Dr. A.N. Patel
    Academic Administrator
    Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketan

  • National Seminar (21-Aug-2013)

    Report of National Seminar
    The undersigned participated ICSSR sponsored National seminar on “Towards Practices of Teacher Education” organized by N.H. Patel college of Education , SPET ,Anand 18th August 2013. The participant also presented –Paper entitled ‘’Study of perception of Teachers about future school at 2025 AD in terms of Teacher Quality’’ which was appreciated well by the audience. The Seminar raised valid issues of present teacher education system in our country. The major benefits for school is interlinking with Recourse  persons like

    • Dr. Vijay Sevak ,V.T. Choksi college of Education ,Surat, A faculty of TiE (Theatre in Education)
    • Dr.Prasant B.Parihar Swami Vivekananda College of Education Mehsana.
    • Dr. S.Krishna Kumari i/c Principal H R Gajwani college of Education Gandidham .

    There are several online recourses available  for teachers which they can use it with their presentation like:

    • Let me Google work for you
    • I Spring free
    • Zamzar
    • Talk Box
    • Bonomo

    Over all it was a wonderful gathering & learning experience for me.

  • E-Quest (10-Jun-2013)

    Sri Sathya sai vidyaniketan,navsari works on E-quest platform; this project was introduced in 10 July 2013.

    E-Quest isthe heart of the Education. It is a modular integrated software platform, whichencompasses all activities undertaken by educational institutions right fromdesigning new courses, compilation of digital content, usage of content,evaluation, course monitoring, etc. It allows teachers to add and bring in anykind of digital content into the classroom, allows group interaction, onlinestudy and even remote testing and online evaluation.

    E-questsets up with well equipped computer lab with Local Area Networking, dataprojectors, broadband internet access, state of the art multimedia computersand other peripheral devices in school, so that the students enhance themselveswith the use of latest technology of computing.

    E-questplatform is an open and research based project which involves the sharing ofresources, this allows teachers to access content and information on computersconnected with wired networks.

  • External Examination (01-Jan-2013)

    The world Examination is nounof the word 'examine'. It means to test in order to verify, to judge and tocertify, certain facts. Examination is a very wide word, which is used in allspheres of life. External Examination sure test of the ability of a studentsand promotes them for chance than that of ability, to show their extra talentswith their studies for their all round development.

    This academic year 17 examswere conducted by the External exam department. The objective was to increasethe proficiency of students and to make them knowledgeable and aware with theatmosphere of public as well as entrance exams. External exam co-coordinatorsMr. Dhanraj R. Parchha & T. Manmadh Rao have actively shown enthusiasm inthe smooth organizing of of the exams such as:

    • Unified Cyber Olympiad
    • International Informatics Olympiad
    • International Mathematics Olympiad
    • UNESCO Information Test
    • National Science Olympiad, etc.

    Tilldate, results of the following exams are declared and the below mentioned havebrought glory to the school:

    In National Search Talent Science Examination, Milin V. Patel of Std. l0 B won goldmedal for the school.

    25 students participated in the UNESCOInformation Test and all of them passed with good merit.


    In National Science Olympiad, 9 studentstopped in class and 5 are selected for 2nd level exam,

    International Mathematics Olympiad, 7 studentstopped in class and 5 are selected for 2nd  level exam.

    International Informatics Olympiad,(IIO) 16 students topped in class and 9 are selected for 2nd   levelexam.

  • NMMS (01-Jan-2013)

    Students of Sri Sathya Sai vidyaniketan, Navsari again shined in National Means cum Merit examination. Thereby making a strong tradition of success as a benchmark in National level exams. 16 students qualified for NMMS scholarship who are as under.

    Name of the student

    • Bhavsar Unnatiben V.
    • Gamit Khushboo A.
    • Motawala Harshita B.
    • Panchal Vishal B.
    • Patel Ameeben S.
    • Patel Priya R.
    • Ahir Chiragkumar H.
    • Bhavsar Shubham P.
    • Patel Bhargav U.
    • Patel Deep R.
    • Patel Kamiyakumari G.
    • Patel Parth J.
    • Patel Vatsalkumar N.
    • Prajapati Parth V.
    • Singh Soumil S.
    • Patel Mihir H.