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Our Affiliations

Our Affiliations


  • English Language Teaching Workshop for Master Trainers at Dharmakshetra Mumbai (20-Apr-2015)

    Participants from our school were
    1. Mrs Chetna R Patel (PRT-English)
    2. Ms Kainaz J Besania (PRT-English)

    The main aim behind the workshop was to enhance the fluency of English language teaching teachers.  English is a wider field and open gate for students to get job opportunity.  Those who can speak English fluently have access to all types of jobs.  The objective behind the workshop was to have pool of Master trainers available all over India, who can later on go to the school allotted to them for particular period of time for their presentation.

    The workshop was divided in three categories. First two days were allotted to phonetics and lesson plans by Mrs Punita Nehru (Principal of SSSV, Indore   ).  The third and fourth day we had presentation by Mrs Rekha Agarwal (Principal of SSSV, Delhi)on Activity based learning. In between Dr. Pitre sir took a Handwriting session and Mrs Renu Sunder taught us value based songs with actions which rejuvenated our body and mind.

    The last two days we had presentation on all the four skills i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking by Mrs A. Kaushalya (Principal of SSSV Visakhapatnam)

    On Aradhna Mohotsav day in the evening we had bhajans and aarti . Later we had a talk with Mr Prashant Palekar who shared his experiences with Swami and stories based on self realization followed by a motivational talk on Swami’s philosophy by Mr Gopal Rao (Ex-student of Swami).

    At last, we were asked by Dr. Pitre sir to write our name and address and the field in which we would like to give presentations for three weeks at three different period of time in a particular school.

    This was a stepping stone in the project of getting Master trainers for Satya Sai schools of India.

  • Meeting of School Management Committee (14-Apr-2015)

    There was organized meeting of School Management Committee with teachers. The meeting was presided over by SMC chairman MR. T. C. Shah.

    Beginning with 3 omkars, the chairman first of all invited suggestions from teachers regarding the school.

    Mr. T. C. Shah in his address appealed all teachers to carry on the teaching work just as ‘seva’ (the divine service).

    Hon’ble chairman focused on the sweet fruits of selfless service. He also narrated a true experience of an eye camp where suddenly problem arose because of increase in the number of patients and less numbers of lenses available. Brainstorm was going on by the organizer to tackle the situation. Prayers were made and Shri Bhagwan Baba answered the prayers.

    When the discussion was going on how to get more lenses or send patients to district place, at midnight a jeep arrived with a doctor with good number of lenses. It was a ‘happy New Year’ time.

    Sir concluded that service with sincere efforts should be made and God removes whatsoever obstacles appear while rendering efforts.

    The role of thanks was proposed by R/ Principal.