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Our Affiliations


  • Maths Fair (12-Dec-2013)

    It is said that Mathematics is the gate and key of the Science. According to the famous Philosopher Kant, "A Science is exact only in so far as it employs Mathematics". So, all scientific education which does not commence with Mathematics is said to be defective at its foundation. Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge.

    One who is ignorant of mathematics cannot know other things of the World. Again,what is worse, who are thus ignorant are unable to perceive their own ignorance and do not seek any remedy. So Kant says, "A natural Science is a Science in so far as it is mathematical". And Mathematics has played a very important role in building up modern Civilization by perfecting all Science.

    First stage was for junior classes (VI-VIII) and second one for senior classes(IX-XII).Junior classes focused on charts of formulas and magic numbers device to bring out knowledge of basic mathematics.

    Further display of model of various laboratory activities done in our classroom while teaching Maths. One such activity is to find different values of displayed in the math fair. For junior classes they highlighted higher level learning of math with the basic knowledge models prepared, to find sum of squares and cubes of ‘n’ natural number .They prepared models, maths quiz, maths games, and number arranging patterns etc.

    Teaching of mathematics has its aims and objectives to be incorporated in the school curricula. If Mathematics is removed, the back-bone of our material civilization will collapse. So there is much importance of Mathematics and its pedagogy.

  • Science Seminar (18-Sep-2013)

    The State level competition of National Science Seminar was organized by NehruScience Centre, Mumbai in collaboration with Gujarat Council of Science andtechnology (GUJCOST) Gandhinagar on 18th September 2013 at 9.00 a.m. The theme of theseminar was ‘Water Co-operation: Issues and Challenges’. Two students of SriSathya Sai Vidyaniketan Parth Prajapati and Deep Patel had won the districtlevel (which was organized by Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketan, Navsari) andparticipated in state level seminar.

  • Science Fair (15-Aug-2013)

    In our schools there are very exciting activities for children and it is a focal point as they love having something to work towards, the kid scientists can display their innovative techniques and scientific thoughts at the exhibition.

    Weal so feel that it starts the whole process of being inventive and creative,thinking outside the box and enjoying science. All of that is very important.They have to come up with their own idea. We need to develop scientific temper among school children so that they could be better scientists, better citizens and capable of governing their personal thoughts and actions in a scientific manner. Science exhibitions will generate a deep interest in young minds. It makes an effort to understand every activity they are engaged in by asking questions and seeking answers.

    Further scientific aptitude should be inculcated in children minds at an early stage of education and it is the need of the hour to exhibit the ideas of scientific education system in order to develop the potential of individuals and communities so that sustainable development through scientific education could be achieved. Teachers in the schools should encourage for science exhibitions & should try to build creativity among the children and bring the inherent talent from them.Teachers should interact with the children while teaching science lessons and conducting experiments. It would encourage them to come up with more innovations, thus helping the country become self-reliant in science and technology. With a view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temper among the children of the country, our School organizes science exhibition every year where children showcase their talents in science and mathematics and their applications indifferent areas related with our everyday life.

    • to provide a forum for children to pursue their natural curiosity and inventiveness to quench their thirst for creativity.
    • to make children feel that science is all around us and we can gain knowledge as well as solve many problems also by relating the learning process to the physical and social environment;
    • to lay emphasis on the development of science and technology as a major instrument for achieving goals of self-reliance and socio-economic and socio-ecological development;
    • to highlight the role of science and technology for producing good quality and environmental friendly materials for the use of society;
    • to encourage children to visualize future of the nation and help them become sensitive and responsible citizens;
    • to analyse how science has developed and is affected by many diverse individuals, cultures, societies and environment;
    • to develop critical thinking about global issues to maintain healthy and sustainable societies in today's environment;

    • Book Exhibition (01-Apr-2013)

      Book fair is essential to display thecivilization of a society or nation. Book fair in various School which can beare the greatest show of book fair in our country in future. Book Fair is heldin Sri Sathya Sai Vidya niketan premises. Different book stalls are put up inrows in a book fair. Books of various topics are displayed and sold here. Nowpeople irrespective of students and Teacher’s visited the book fair. To enterthe fairground they wait in a line sometimes. Amazed to saw all sorts of bookssuch as-fictions, textbooks, dramas, children books, reference books etc.children from all ages and classes gathered there. The stalls were occupied bydifferent publishers. From a book stall, besides books, other attractivearticles were also sold in the fair. Book fair is very important because it upgradesour thoughts & expands our knowledge. This Book Exhibition, Easy to run Customized for ourschool with grade-appropriate books, set up with the aid of our staff,Filled with the best quality books, Displayed on attractive rolling racks, andSupported by our helpful staff and  Profitablefor your school.