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We Focus on inegration of knowledge, development of thinking, problem s olving and performance skils. More >>

Our Affiliations

Our Affiliations


  • Veda Workshop. Vadodara (18-Apr-2015)

  • Spiritual Development programme (06-Apr-2015)

    You must recognise that all our education should not be concentrated on worldly matters. It should also contain spiritual and ethical aspects. It is only when all these three aspects, the worldly aspect, the spiritual aspect and the ethical aspect come together that education will acquire some meaning.

    Sathya Sai Baba, Summer Showers 1977

    Spiritual development is an important element of a child's education and fundamental to other areas of learning. Without curiosity, without the inclination to question, and without the exercise of imagination, insight and intuition, young people would lack the motivation to learn, and their intellectual development would be impaired. Deprived of self-understanding and, potentially of the ability to understand others, they may experience difficulty in co-existing with neighbours and colleagues to the detriment of their social development. By keep these points in mind .In our School Spiritual Development programme for new as well as for old Students was organised by our Teachers (Sai Sevaks) under the guideness of our respected Principal Sir

    In that different activities were planned for students, the programme was Schedule from 6th April to 24thApril in different groups at different time.

    Group no 1-Classes of I, II (Boys& Girls) 2.30pm- 3.30pm Mrs.Dhara Shastri and Mrs.Kavita A

    Group no 2-Classes of III, IV, and V (Boys& Girls) 4pm -5pm Dinesh Bhatt Sir and Ramaben

    Group no 3-Classes of VI, VII, VIII, IX & XI (Girls) 7.30pm -8.30pm Mr.C.Srivastava and Mrs.Binita Mohapatra and Mrs.Kalpana kapadia.

    Group no 4-Classes of VI, VII, VIII, IX & XI (Boys) 7.30pm -8.30pm Dhanraj Sir

    And daily there was value based video Show of Balvikas classes and inspirational movies were shown to students for their Spiritual development and growth. For new students in daily meeting and there was discussion of Swami teaching and interaction of new students with Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the form of Videos, swamis thoughts, Stories and Prayers etc.Lastly the Spiritual Development programme was impressive and effective for the students they heartily participated in that and really Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba blessed them which can be seen from their beautiful smiling face.