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We Focus on inegration of knowledge, development of thinking, problem s olving and performance skils. More >>

Our Affiliations

Our Affiliations


Chemestry Lab

Chemestry Lab dimension is 32’× 29’ which is well ventilated and well equipped with all apparatus/chemicals. It can accommodate 30 students at a time.

Physics Lab

Physics laboratory dimension is 30’× 29’ this lab is well equipped and capable to accommodate 30 students at a time.

Biology Lab

Biology laboratory has good collection of specimen’s chart and models.

Computer Lab - Secondory

In our school, there are two separate well equipped and well arranged computer labs for Secondory with latest technology.

Computer Lab - Primary

In our school, there are two separate well equipped and well arranged computer labs for Primary with latest technology.

Social Science Lab

In our school there is social science lab, In this lab different charts showing different Indian freedom movement. Indian political Map, world Map, Globe, Types of Soil, First Aid Box, Map Activity Book etc.

Students uses this activity material at the time of practices other Resource material, banners for rallies, Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti’s Slogans, Banners, Photographs of freedom Fighters, Teaching Aids, Encyclopaedia, Tourist book, Coins collection, Ticket Collection, Teachers Reference Book.

Maths Lab

Maths lab contain mathematics models prepared by students VIth,VIIth,VIIIth Standard .it contains 10 grams and puzzles different articles are there in maths lab so that students earn prepared models by their own All kinds of materials are in the maths lab which helps the students to complete their maths lab manual. One big graph boards there in maths lab to help them to understand coordinator system.