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We Focus on inegration of knowledge, development of thinking, problem s olving and performance skils. More >>

Our Affiliations

Our Affiliations


Sports facility

Physical development is very important aspect of every human being. So in our school we have three sports room. Where we have all the sports materials like foot ball, cricket kit, volley-ball, Bad Minton, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Chess, carom: Students are using all the Sports materials at the time of P.T period or during any tournament. Our physical education centre tries to give healthy atmosphere to the students of our school, that they can archive or they can become a great sport person in the up worming future. It has scout band & Guide Band are there which students use it on special days like National days, annual function and any special occasion when the guests are being invited etc.

Children’s Park

Place for kids to release their pent up energy and get fresh.