The School Academic Year

The academic year lasts from June to April. The school has a long break for summer and short break for Diwali vacation (October – November), the dates of which are announced during each academic year.

The School Terms

First term: June to October
Second term: November to April

Courses of Study

The curriculum for class I to XII is as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The School offers courses in Science for boys at senior secondary level.

Entrance Syllabus

Regular Syllabus



Standard 1 Standard 1 Standard 9
Standard 2 Standard 2 Standard 10
Standard 3 Standard 3

Regular Syllabus Primary

Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5
Standard 6
Standard 7
Standard 8

Regular Syllabus Secondary

Standard 9
Standard 10

Regular Syllabus Higher Secondary

Standard 11 Standard 11
Standard 12