Principal’s message 

Reverential pranams at the lotus feet of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba………

Our school works on Educare and has been offering a new model of education that integrates character development and human values with academic excellence. Functioning with swami’s philosophy we are blossoming thousands of students with their holistic development and guides them to reach towards their highest potential.

Various value based activities like Narayan Seva, Gayatri Yagna, Workshops on Human Values, Prayer Talks, Balvikas, Veda Chanting etc. are incorporated in our curriculum which provides students the roadmap of community service and spiritual education.

Bhagwan says that ‘Education is not only for living but for life’. So I believe that this school can nurture our future generation in the best way and will help to sustain a happy home, a value based society, an orderly nation and a peaceful world.

Sai Ram….

Mrs. Chetna S.Tiwar