Auditorium - Prominent Amenities

Healthy body, healthy mind make a dull by clever & wins. Physical development plays pivotal role along with mental development & moral development. So Health physical education & sports is an integral part of total personality development of the child. Our school is geared up to provide such infrastructural facility such as Multipurpose Auditorium. The auditorium will cater to the need of indoor games such as Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Lawn Tennis, Badminton; However Basketball & Volleyball facility will invigorate the facility further so as to cater the diverse need of 620 students. Aerobics and GYM may be added to the facility in near future. The dimension of the auditorium is _________ with floor space____________ Sq. Mts. It can accommodate 1100 people during any major celebrations functions. Two lawn tennis court, Two badminton court, one basketball, volleyball court each need to be carved out that needs special floor material, folding stands proper safety equipment, flood light system and sound proofing equipment are highly essential for the auditorium. The motto of our endeavor is to produce a “fit children for Healthy Nation”. A Schematic view of the multipurpose auditorium is enclosed for your kind reference.

Swami’s residence

Swami’s residence is situated near girl’s hostel building where all the facilities are available for Swami. A big assembly hall is ready on the ground floor and the first floor akhand bhajans are held on Shiv Ratri, Swami’s birthday, and the other celebrations, lord Krishna’s idol has been established for worship, pictures of Swami’s and Shirdi Sai express the beliefs and aesthetic choices of those who adapt him.

Education in human value centre

The training courses in human values education and held upon request in EHV. This courses we offer enjoy a fine reputation for assimilating the essence of teachings in to one coherent values education programme, and for presenting external truths in a secular manner which is meaningful and attractive to the general community. The SSEHV workshop has been for an exercise in spiritual awakening, allowing to re-discover the human value within.


If you can organize your kitchen you can organize your life.The kitchen appliances are brand new microwaves, refrigerator and stoves.The total kitchen staff members are 50. The kitchen in charge is Mrs. Ramilaben Dhirubhai Patel. She takes care of everything in the kitchen Mrs. Shushilaben assistant Supervises the kitchen workers. She prepares budget and keep record of stock. Dining hall and food The aroma that makes your mouth watery that you want to eat SATVIK FOOD. Pupils sit on carpet and are served food. Here, they enjoy gathering and food time.