Alumni Event

Alumni Meet 1920 (15-Jun-2019)

Alumni Meet (15-Jun-2017)

The inspiring and memorable “1st AlumniMeet” which was the Annual flag ship event of passed out students was conductedon 15th June 2017 by the respected principal Mr. B. N. Biswal andthe honorable Management Committee in school Hall. The ceremony was inauguratedby the Chief guest Dr. Bharti Chand the Ex. Principal Saraswati College of Education and Research,Mumbai, the Academic Administrator Dr. Amritbhai N. Patel, Mr. Dhirubhai Pateland Mrs. Ramilaben D. Patel by lighting a lamp and was followed by a prayer. TheOccasion graced by more than 50 alumni along with their family.

Speaking on the occasion, the principal, the chiefguest and the trustee underlined and praised the achievement of alumni, at theoutset the principal welcomed the alumni and their family and appreciated theirzeal to assemble here despite of their busy schedule.

The inaugural session was followed by the reviews ofthe alumni and their family. It was a pride to hear the appreciating speechdelivered by the alumni for the education, cultural development and Sathya SaiBaba’s EDCAURE they obtained from the renewed school.

A school photograph of the alumni was captured formemory and then all had delicious lunch together.

The event continued by awarding certificate and amemento.. to all alumni.

The Principal then added further to the crown bysetting up “An Alumni Committee”, in which a chairman and five other memberswere selected to help out the Alumni, current students and the school fordevelopment and good future. The details of Alumni committees as Under:

  • Kevin H. Patel (ChairPerson)
  • Ani Prajapati (Secretary)
  • Pooja Patel (Member)
  • Saloni Desai (Member)
  • Parth D. Patel (Member)
  • Deric Patel (Member)
  • Emish Patel (Member)

The Chairperson of the newly formed alumni committedexpressed his thanks for reposing faith in them and pledged to work for growthof association and the development of the school.

The PRO, in his short speech, told that he will be alinking person for the alumni and the school in all spheres. The meet endedwith the vote of thanks by Mrs. Meena G. Mistry. Shethanked one and all present in the meet.

The meet was successful and all departed relapsingice-cream and all bid emotional farewell to each other.

Hope this traditional will continue and will be abletogether many more alumni and prove our statement of “Share What I Gain”.

Alumni Meet 1920 (15-Jun-2019)